Al 26-9-2017=  127 Registros

1)     Bernal, C., Guzman, F., Illanes, A., Wilson, L.

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4)     PiÑones-tapia, D., Rios, R.S., Gianoli, E.

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5)     Cepero-Betancourt, Y., Oliva-Moresco, P., Pasten-Contreras, A., Tabilo-Munizaga, G., Pérez-Won, M., Moreno-Osorio, L., Lemus-Mondaca, R.

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6)     González-Avilés, C.D.

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8)     Oliva, S.

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9)     Beltrán S., M.A., Häberle O., F., Rodríguez V., F.

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17)   Núñez, J., Vergara, A., Leyton, C., Metzkes, C., Mancilla, G., Bettancourt, D.

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Security in the Elqui River basin, North-Central Chile

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18)   Uribe, E., Vega-Gálvez, A., Heredia, V., Pastén, A., Di Scala, K.

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implications for past sea level and environmental variability

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Ring and the Triangulum-Andromeda Overdensity?

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27)   Rodríguez Vega, F.

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Directorio de la Sociedad de Cirujanos de Chile; nuevos desafíos, nuevas expectativas]

(2017) Revista Chilena de Cirugia, 69 (4), pp. 277-278.

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29)   Beltrán S., M.A., Häberle O., F.

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30)   Oyarzún, R., Oyarzún, J., Fairley, J.P., Núñez, J., Gómez, N., Arumí, J.L., Maturana, H.

A simple approach for the analysis of the structural-geologic control of groundwater in an arid rural, mid-mountain, granitic and volcanic-sedimentary terrain: The case of the Coquimbo Region,

North-Central Chile

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