Adjudicados 2016 FONDECYT


Código  Proyecto Responsable  Departamento  DESDE HASTA
1160004 Integral Points, infinitesimal liftings of neron class groups and spherical varieties. Cristian González Avilés Matemáticas 2016 2019
1160026 A long-term ecological research (LTER) in a thorn scrub semiarid ecosystem of north-central Chile: A synthesis on the main driving factors regulating this system. Julio Gutiérrez Camus Biología 2016 2019
1160597 Assessment of nutritional characteristics, functional properties and biological potential activities of three selected edible seaweeds subjected to different drying processes. María Elsa Uribe Uribe Ingeniería en Alimentos 2016 2018

FONDECYT Regular Co-participación

Código Proyecto Responsable Departamento DESDE HASTA
1161531 Improving food nanoemulsions functionality by high pressure homogenization: Emulsion stability and digestibility. Gipzy Tabilo M.: U BioBio -Mario Perez Won: ULS Ing. En Alimentos 2016 2018

Iniciación en Investigación 

Código  Proyecto Responsable  Departamento  DESDE HASTA
11160172 Data Center Thermal Management Using Flow Control Through Synthetic Jets: A Numerical and Experimental Investigation LUIS SILVA LLANCA Ing. En Mecánica 2016 2018
11160368 Low-cost fabrication and characterization of non-toxic heterojunctions for thin films solar cells applications. CARLOS RODRIGUEZ RODRIGUEZ Instituto de Investigación Multidisciplinario en Ciencias y Tecnología 2016 2018


Código  Proyecto Responsable  Departamento  DESDE HASTA
3160200 Water market and its effects on the sustainable management of water resources in Chile: A comparative, multi-basin assessment Kretschmer Nicole Investigador ULS Ricardo Oyarzún Lucero Arquitectura, Geografía Física 2016 2018